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• Why is Audio and Video out of Sync during broadcasting?

Live streaming to PocketLIVE will require some more CPU power than simply play live video. We suggest a computer with at least a dual core CPU and 4GB of RAM for this. You will free up CPU and help your broadcasting run faster by closing other programs running on your computer.

• Echo or feedback while broadcasting

If you are using your built in mic or your microphone or camera is located close to a computer, you might experience audio feedback. Audio feedback starts out like an echo, but can turn into a horrible loud screeching noise. By using headphones to listen to the broadcast, you can prevent audio feedback easily.

• Someone is abusing me or interfering with my broadcasts.

We have a zero tolerance policy on abuse. Contact us immediately using the Live Support window
customer service software Or email us at


• What are Props?

Props are the name we give to the library of animations you can gift to broadcasters. We wanted a way that you, the users, can support and show the love to our lovingly picked curated platform of broadcasters to say 'Thanks for the awesome content', but also give you a little payback in the form of a super fun animation.
Users who give more Props or join the VIP Squad advance through viewer levels faster, and coming soon - a whole bunch of more great features for those of us who support broadcasters!

• What are Coins?

Coins are PocketLIVE currency. Using coins viewers can purchase props to support broadcasters.

• Can I be on the VIP squad?

The VIP Squad is a special area on a broadcasters channel you can pay to have elevated access to the broadcaster. Stand out from the crowd. Show your support and fly your flag as a VIP squad member. It's a neat way to show consistent support for a broadcaster, and get rewarded with exclusive access. We are working hard to expand this feature even further in the coming months.

• Can I become a broadcaster?

Right now, we have different levels of broadcasting options, but these options are only available to our curated talent. However, as a causal caster we allow creative talent who might be just starting out in online broadcasting to get a feel for it, as well as profit with a healthy share of whatever Props contributions viewers give. If you'd like to know more about how you can become part of the Pocketsquad hit us up here.

• What Internet Speed do I need to view a live channel without breaks?

We recommend watching live with a download bandwidth of at least 1Mbps. You can check your internect connection from, running 3 tests is recommended.

• Why is my live choppy?

Insufficient Internet bandwidth: It is possible that the download speed of your Internet connection is too slow. Check your internet connection at We recommend a download speed minimum of 1 Mbps. Insufficient CPU: The flash video player can become choppy if your CPU usage is so high that it causes your computer to slow down. By closing other programs running on your computer, you will free up CPU and help your computer run faster.

• Why I could not play the live stream?

The live stream is played in Adobe Flash player, we suggest you download the latest version of Adobe Flash. Check your version of Adobe Flash (and upgrade if necessary) at the following link:

• I've been banned by broadcaster. What does that mean?

If you banned by broadcaster, you are unable to chat in the broadcaster's live channel in one hour. After one hour, the ban will be removed automatically.

• Can I view live on a mobile device?

While the live is played in Adobe Flash player, you are unable to view it from iOS device. For android user, you can play the stream on PocketLIVE website. The native App for iOS and Android will be released in September.