Benefits of Broadcasting

01 |Broadcast From Anywhere

Our awesome platform is available for anyone to broadcast, anywhere.

That’s right, we’re available on desktop, iOS and now also Android - with constant updates from our intrepid team.

Now there are no barriers between you and your audience. Let your creative imagination run wild, and share the moments that really matter, right from your phone.

02 |Crowdsource love and financial support

At PocketLIVE, we’re passionate about helping creative communities come together.PocketLIVE is the best place for those passionate about shaping awesome broadcasts, as well as the folks who support content that’s a cut above.

Push the bar and broadcast better with the support of an awesome group of people. Why not bring your own fans too? Then you’ll see your world grow with laughter, love and support.

You can also receive financial support from your audience in the form of digital gifts and props. It is the easiest way to monetize your content and fan base.

03 |Curated Broadcasting Sponsorship

Whilst anyone can broadcast on PocketLIVE, we believe the best broadcasts should be supported - and to aid the growth of our most creative, talented, and dedicated streamers, we offer an awesome Curated Broadcasting sponsorship program.

Offering various great opportunities to receive additional financial backing and development support towards your live-streaming ambitions, our friendly talent team will be right there for the curated streamers to help get them to the next level. And best of all, we often scout for these next-level streamers right here on our platform.

04 |Artist in Residence Program

What’s more, our hardcore streamers are offered access to the coveted Artist in Residence program, which sponsors the streamers who can commit to our platform on a monthly bases. It proves broadcasting more really does pay off.

05 |Awesome Talent Development

Wanna learn from the top influencers? Experienced production professionals? What about respected artists from various fields? With our Launchpad program, our curated talent are developed with amazing masterclasses and opportunities both in-person and online.

As part of this constantly evolving program, we’ll have a new hub to discover masterclasses you might have missed. And what’s more, our development team work hard to create opportunities that can be accessed, in-person, by as many of our curated peeps as possible.

Not part of the curated program? We’ve got you covered. A constant stream of take-away versions of the masterclasses will be available for you too on our ever-expanding blog. So keep your eyes peeled for big things to come!